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   For Evelyn Morris - Pikelet, the way artists are discussed in music journalism and even between friends is indicative of a sense there’s still different standards applied, different preconceptions brought to music made by women, including her own.  “I love referring to bands as ‘all-guy bands’,”  Morris laughs, agreeing with the strangeness of the ‘all-girl band’ label when it’s reversed.  “Oftentimes you’ll be told, ‘Oh but your gender doesn’t have anything to do with it’ but then so often gender titles are related to female artists.   They’ll say ‘female artist’ they won’t say just ‘psychedelic pop artist’ or whatever. 

    “There’s this overall sensation of being a female artist,”  Morris says, but then explains that a relative paucity of peers can create greater room to move.  “The whole time I grew up I was a tomboy, so it didn’t really bother me because I would look at dudes doing music and relate to them just the same as I would a woman.  I mean there are a fair amount of women, but there’s just a fair amount more dudes.  But for those same reasons it’s difficult for some women to access their creative output within themselves, that also means that if you do access that creative output there’s so much scope, so many different areas of expression to play with because it doesn’t feel like it’s been done yet.”  

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