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It’s very unusual for Michael not to show up for work. My guess, he’s either deeply depressed or an icicle has snapped off his roof and impaled his brain. He has this terrible habit of standing directly underneath them. And staring up at them. And I always say, “Michael, take two steps back and stare at the icicle from the side.” And he’s like, “no, I like the way they look from standing directly underneath them.” It was only a matter of time.
Dwight Schrute  THE OFFICE



              Eskimo Joe founders MacLeod and Temperley were school friends in High School. Temperley left school at sixteen to concentrate on writing music, moving into a share house with Simon leach, who plays bass guitar in another band. The other members were his brother Stuart on drums and guitarist Joel Quartermain. When Temperley Joined Carpet they changed their name to Freud’s Pillow. The band was from Perth and performed around in 1995 – 1998. They released their EP PLEASURE PUPPY in 1997. They auditioned a number of drummers and eventually settled on Quartermain. They went into a heat in the National Campus band Competition – for winning the national final, they were awarded a place at the 1997 Livid Festival in Brisbane and a studio recording session in Sydney. Frue’ds Pillow officially split within a few months of Eskimo’ Joe’s win. Simon Leach created LITTLE BIRDY in 2002. 1998 Eskimo Joe recorded their debut release SWEATER EP – their title track SWEATER – the single reached number. 33 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 1998. Eskimo Joe toured for a few months and returned to the studio. In 1999 they released a second EP, the self-titled ESKIMO JOE. They released two singles RUBY WEDNESDAY and TURN UP YOUR STEREO. 

               Eskimo Joe signed with Universal Records’ alternative offshoot Modular in 1999. They recorded their debut album GIRL with producer Ed Buller. Single WHO SHOLD HER OUT. Some of their songs featured on TV series THE SECRET LIFE OF US. Eskimo Joe signed with Festival Mushroom Records in 2002. They recorded their second album A SONG IS A CITY it was released in 2004. Single included FROM THE SEA. 2005 Eskimo Joe released a DVD which featured film clips for tracks from the Eskimo Joe EP and the first two albums – a documentary, live performances and rare tracks.

               Third album BLACK FINGERNAILS, RED WINE released in 2006 – tracks included Black Fingernails, Red Wine and Sarah – it also featured a cover of the Pixies song HEY – which was recorded for Triple J’s Like a Version. Black Fingernails, Red Wine was their US single debut.

               Fourth album INSHALLA in 2009. The title track INSHALLA the term insha’Allah is Arabic for ‘God willing’ which Temperley had heard during a visit to Egypt. Their fifth album GHOSTS OF THE PAST in 2011. To record the band’s sixth album – a fundraising campaign was launched through the Pozible website – a decision to crowd fund the new album -  the campaign had raised $60,636 in pledges, with 12 hours to go, above the initial target of $40,000 – the campaign commenced in 2012 November. Two songs from the WASTELANDS album were publicly available on the internet. Their scheduled release date for Wastelands is 20 September 2013. Temperley citing Leonard Cohen, Beck and LCD Soundsystem as musical influences for their new albums.

               2010, Eskimo Joe were announced as the number-one ticket-holder for the Fremantle Football Club, replacing golfer Nick O’Hern. A National Office for Live Music was launched by Australian former PM Kevin Rudd in 2013, Temperley is the state ambassador for WA.


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